Automated follow-up and reminder emails

Your application can send multiple, automated, email messages to your Subjects based upon a Profile. The purpose of such a service could be to;

  • Remind a Subject to book their next check up
  • Ask a Subject to give some feedback
  • Administer a program, with a series of messages

There are no limits to the number of Profiles you can have. The messages are sent at 0900 GMT each day. The Profiles are triggered by the number of days since either a specific assessment or since their last assessment. Also, if you have activated the application grouping (a way of dividing up your system), you can also use this as a parameter. It is also possible to overlap your profiles, for example, you may have a profile that always asks for feedback one day after their last assessment and another that reminds them to book a six monthly check up.

The Profiles link to a message template which provides the core content that will be sent to your Subject. A single message template can be linked to multiple profiles. The template holds the core message; our system will top and tail the message and also add in a link for the Subject to access their dashboard. There is a test option so you can see what your email will look like.

Set up procedure

Step 1

1. Login as an administrator to

2. Click on 'Manage Messaging' tab.

3. Click on 'Manage Message Templates' button.

4. Click on 'New Message' button;

a. In the title box input the Subject line to be used for the email message.

b. In the message content section, add in your text. When done scroll down and click insert.

5. Your message template will now be shown, to test this click on the envelope icon and insert an email address to send a test message too. The red stop sign next to the envelope is how you can delete the template. The delete option will disappear if the message template is linked to a Profile.

Step 2

We now that we have a message template we can create a new Profile.

1. Click on the 'Manage Message Profiles' button.

2. Click the 'New Profile' Button.

3. Give your Profile a name, something meaningful like week three reminder email.

4. Now set the Profile type. The 'Last Report' option will trigger the Profile from any report, whereas the 'Last Template' option will look at a specific Assessment template. You would use this in the scenario where you were running a multi-week program with checkups every few weeks. In your Operator system, you would have the first assessment, then a second assessment and so on. The actual assessment parameters could be the same by using a different screen name; we can then tailor our message to where the Subject is in the process. If you have groups activated, then you will see two more options with groups at the end. In this setting, the Profile is applied to that specific group.

5. The days since controls when the message will be sent.

6. The 'send from name' and 'email address' is used to override the application settings, if these are left blank, then the message will appear to be sent from the person that conducted their last assessment.

7. Finally, the status option by default is Dormant, to switch on the Profile and start sending messages you will need to change this to 'Active'.

8. Finally click insert to create this Profile.

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