Mission Lipid Pro Cholesterol Device- Low Cost, Accurate Lipid Results in 45 seconds

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Mission Lipid Pro Cholesterol Device

Low Cost, Accurate Lipid Results in 45 seconds

The Fitech Mission Cholesterol Pro is a state-of the-art, hand-held, battery-operated, software-driven reflectance spectrophotometer which gives you clinically accurate results in just 45 seconds.

The unit is ideal for NHS health checks, onsite screening and work place tests.

Full Lipid Panel Tests (TC + HDL + TRIG + LDL) are Unbeatable Value (£4.40 per test) and include capillary tubes.

Why Lipid Test ?

Non Fasting Lipid Testing For Professionals

Research by the European Heart Journal in 2016 showed that fasting had little or no effecting on full lipid profile results. Knowing the full Lipid profile is critical in fully establishing the point of care cardiac risk factors.

Conducting partial assessments, total cholesterol and high-density lipoprotein only for example, can mask conditions such as metabolic syndrome from elevated triglycerides. In addition, elevated levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) brings a risk of blood clotting as LDL collects on the walls of internal blood vessels. Whilst elevated HDL levels can help reduce risk, if the subject has both elevated HDL and LDL there is an issue, which must be investigated.

Combined Glucose Testing

The Mission Pro is quick and very easy to use. When combined with is small partner (the Nesco MultCheck) you can produce a full lipid profile and glucose results in under 45 seconds- watch our demo video below.

Fitech Support

As well as our comprehensive training we also offer online resources (some examples below) and telephone support.

For clients on annual service contracts we also provide annual servicing and independent verification checks in line with the medical devices agency directives.

Know Your Numbers - Quick Results Form

Know Your Numbers - With Consent Form

GP Referral Letter

Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire

Fitech Cholesterol Testing Training

Our popular cholesterol testing training course using point of care testing unit takes place every other month in Southampton, covers Cholesterol , Diabetes and CVD Theory.

This can also be upgraded to onsite training or modified to include other tests- Call for details.

Fitech issue a competency certificate issued subject to passing the theory and practical assessment., this is valid for 3 years .

Manufactured by ACON

The Mission Pro system is manufactured by ACON, a global United States of America company with a world class manufacturing facility is a 400,000 sq ft. US FDA registered facility with over 1,400 employees. It operates under global standards, such as US FDA regulations, GMP/QSR requirements, and ISO 13485 to ensure that all products are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment.

Hundreds of millions of products are produced at our facility each year to supply our worldwide distribution network supplying hospitals, clinical laboratories, physician offices, blood banks, pharmacies, and home users.

For more information visit http://missioncholesterol.co.uk/

We love to talk, so please call us on 0118 324 0061 or email sales@fitech.co.uk if you have any questions at all. For the latest updates follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/fitechsoftware

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